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Bekunis In The Evening - Relief In The Morning

Constipation is still a taboo topic in our society and yet many people have this problem and know only too well the feeling that “nothing’s doing down there”.

Depending on the individual habits or preferences, there are various possibilities for effectively counteracting constipation. The Bekunis brand offers a comprehensive range of products that supplies the most suitable laxative for each individual requirement.

The Bekunis brand has a long tradition. For more than half a century people in more than 45 countries have known and used our preparations. During this time we have constantly invested a lot of time and effort in the development and the ongoing improvement of our products.

Bekunis deserves your trust. Because all the products from our company have one thing in common: an effectiveness against constipation that is as gentle as it is reliable.

Bekunis Natures Gentle Laxative

Bekunis Instant Tea
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Bekunis Instant Tea
Stir In Water Laxative Tea
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What You Can Do To Help Your Digestion

For most people, the natural time for evacuating the bowels is in the early morning. Support this by having breakfast regularly, because the intestinal motion is normally stimulated within an hour after eating. Do not suppress the urge, and allow plenty of time on the toilet, even in stress situations.

Include roughage-rich products in your diet. For many people, simply switching over to plenty of wholemeal products, fruit and vegetables is enough to get the bowels moving again.

It also helps if you add swelling substances such as wheat bran or linseed to your normal food. This necessitates drinking much more liquid than usual to avoid clumping. For example, for one tablespoonful of wheat bran you should afterwards drink two glasses of water.

To keep the consistency of the stools soft, you should drink at least one and a half litres of liquid a day. The more you drink, all the better is the result. The most suitable liquid is mineral water. Make sure that you keep to a well-balanced and varied diet.

And do not forget to also take physical exercise. Movement is like a massage for the intestines. By going for walks, doing gymnastics, cycling and swimming you can help to keep your bowels fit.

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